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lundi 20 juillet 2015

weight management website subscription


I do not wish to subscribe to a website because I think that the regime is useless. Every time we lose weight then we rebuke all the lost kilos. This is the yoyo effect.
But I just discovered slimdoo.

This is a site that allows you to be helped. That's just great.

Better than a diet with weight lost.

Slimdoo allows me to lose fat, sustainable and easily.

It's over evil regime. Today I want to eat all things, but in reasonable quantities. It is also necessary for me to physical effort, you must eat and move.

This is obvious but the problem is just a matter of motivation.

This is the aim of slimdoo: keep me motivated.

I'll give you an example of a typical day as an assistant with slimdoo:

morning full breakfast. I take everything but in small quantities. If necessary, I ask a dietitian or nutritionist to help me.

Afternoon: lunch (light recipe)

afternoon: taste

evening: dinner (light but original recipe)

The day I walked 90 minutes (brisk walking). I also mounted the stairs 6 times. The evening and morning, 4 abdominal series (4x30).

I have eaten at all: 2000 calories and I spent 500 calories in exercise and 1800 calories naturally (daily caloric expenditure).

Result: -300 calories.

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