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vendredi 17 juillet 2015

Lose weight by walking

My name is David and I want to tell you about SLIMDOO.

I lost 24 kg in 8 months now and I am very happy in my life.

- The table of calories viewable by all members SLIMDOO can precisely know the number of calories in each food.

A real plus when you want to lose weight.

- Each day, exceptional thinness trick is to discover and put into practice.

- Slimdoo keeps you motivated. If you decide, for example, walking 30 minutes a day, Slimdoo control this action daily.

- Revenues of light provided by Slimdoo kitchens are intelligent, rare, light and so delicious!

My cousin told me that very large American stars now use Slimdoo program to lose weight. It's really great, it seems to be one big family.

Is the sports necessary for weight loss?

This is a question I asked myself naturally (I hate sports).

With Slimdoo, I realized that sport was not mandatory. No, what is required is to move, it's moving.

sedentary lifestyle = obesity

When we realized that, we understood everything.

I like walking in the forest, so I decided to walk 2 times a week with a forest of noise sound from my headphones.

I can tell you that it helped me to appreciate the walk.

On slimdoo, I met a person who wanted to lose weight by walking, like me.

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