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samedi 18 juillet 2015

Partying and loose your fat

I'm Jessica and I would like to bring my testimony today slimming.

This is browsing the slimdoo slimming forum I found the solution to lose weight.

For about 2 years, I go every Saturday night to dance. Note that I do not drink alcohol or only very little.

Most Saturday night: dance, dance, dance!

Thanks to Slimdoo, I got to meet output girlfriends, who have the same goal as me lose weight without dieting.

And yes, I managed to lose my excess weight.

Slimdoo thank you.

The proof in pictures:

- Refine your silhouete

- Lose your fat

- Become beautiful

- Being healthy body is better in his head.

Why is it that you lose weight by dancing:

In discothèqe, the body tends to move very easily without too much effort because people are stimulated by music and other dancers nearby. This is a drive phenomenon.

Thus, a dance session 4h equivalent to two hours of jogging!

A US study showed that Saturday night clubbers weighed 14 kg less than those who did not go clubbing.
(This is an average, of course).

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