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lundi 20 juillet 2015

the websites for weight loss

If I type the key word "diet" in google, I quickly get a multitude of links to websites for weight loss.

Frankly, there are so many different diets, methods to slim down, programs for weight loss, it's amazing. Sometimes it is simply a scam, sometimes even the site provides good nutritional information. And it also happens to fall on very very relevant sites.

This is the case of the site Slimdoo.

Initially, the site was working in open mode and free but now it is much more private and it certainly helps to filter out members. Indeed, slimdoo is primarily a slimming community and that's what's great. Ok there are multiple places to make diet girlfriends on the web and elsewhere. But slimdoo is the only site that I know that achieves everything in one place:

- A high level of thinness community with people sorted
(Hyper slimming full forum)

- Very interesting tools to balance its thinness

- A table of calories impressive that works with dishes from around the world

- Slimming coaching program that works on the web and mobile

- For cooking recipes and daily slimming tips

- Etc ..

I stop here because otherwise I could continue until tomorrow evening!

In short, I met my husband on this site and it is true that I am very attached. Too bad it happened in pay mode but in the end, the quality is really there. And he has no subscription time. People can stop their registration at any time in a few clicks. Now that's really good.

I do not like posting photos but I'll make an exception for this post.

Kisses to you all!

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